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Easy Solar Oven Nacho Salad and Other Ideas
by Kathy and Bruce Jacobs

Make a great nacho salad as your first solar treat. Then check out the other links to easy solar cooking techniques such as Pringle Can Hot Dogs and Pizza Box Ovens.

Easy Solar Nacho Salad


One Gladware casserole for every three people eating (dark bottom, clear lid)

Bowls for extra ingredients


One bag Nacho Chips

1/2 cup Shredded Cheese for every three people




Optional Ingredients

Ground Beef, seasoning, onion and garlic


Jalepeno Peppers


Sour Cream

Ranch Dressing

Preparation Steps:

  • Place chips in casserole dish.

  • Cover with cheese.

  • Place cover on casserole dish.

  • Place casserole dish in sun. Be sure it is tilted so that the sun's rays enter the top and hit the cheese.

  • Wait 45 minutes (approximately) for cheese to melt.

  • Brown ground beef (if using) and add seasoning as desired. We use taco seasonings, onion, and garlic. Experiment and season as desired.

  • Shred lettuce and place in bowl.

  • Chop tomatoes and peppers and place in bowl.

  • Set optional ingredients out in bowls.

  • When cheese is melted, split between three people and serve salad style with chips and cheese as base.

This method works very well in sunny weather. It does not work as well if there are clouds. Have a backup plan for melting the cheese and heating the chips in case of rain or snow.

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