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Coleman Propane Skillet (33285) Fry fish or chicken or cook chili, steak and other favorite dishes in an efficient, propane-powered skillet with ample 100 oz. capacity. Its 8000 BTU output and adjustable temperature control gives you plenty of consistent cooking power. Perfectlow ensures steady fuel flow in cold weather, at high altitudes or when fuel runs low. Instastart matchless lighting gets you cooking fast. Burns up to 1.1 hours with both burners on high or 4 1/2 hours on low, using one disposable propane cylinder
Collapsible Camp Rake (1901) Unfold this compact Rake for cleaning away leaves, litter, cut grass or for smoothing gravel. Unlatch the handle and Rake slides down to lock in place. Adjustable tines.

Utility Tool Set (23463) For camp or vehicleIncludes belt cases

CW Gear® Peg Mallet (23454) Rubber head absorbs impact to prevent damage to tent pegs. Sturdy 10???L wooden handle has a steel "peg puller" that makes removing tent pegs from hard ground easier.

Funky Colored Flames (36561) Just place an unopened packet of crystals on top of your campfire for a colorful show that lasts up to 30 minutes. Kids love it! Safe for use in indoor or outdoor wood fireplaces; not for use in cooking fires. Three-pack.

Heat N Serve Propane Cooker (31358) Perfect FlowTM pressure control provides consistent cooking performance by producing a steady fuel stream, even in cold weather and high altitudes. The InstaStart ignition system makes lighting the cooker a breeze. Powerful, adjustable 4,000 BTU burner. The vented, see-through lid keeps contents secure, even on the go. The 6-quart removable stainless steel linerensures you will always have enough food to feed even the hungriest group. Prepare food in advance and keep refrigerated until you are ready to cook.

Coleman Camp Coffee Maker (33283) Patented steel base works on 2- or 3-burner camp stoves, drawing heat from the burner to drip brew coffee in only a few minutes. Pause and serve lets you pour a cup from the 10-cup decanter while still brewing. Easy-fill reservoir. Removable swing-out filter basket uses any 8 1/2 cup filter. Mfr. 1 year warranty.

Camp Cooker (23080) Easy to clean, non-stick surface. 2 part hinge for convenience.

Deluxe Grill Table (10000043) Deluxe Grill Table


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