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Kitchen Necessities for Outdoor Cooks

Looking for equipment to use while cooking outdoors? This page contains some of the items that make our classes so successful. Check back often as we are always on the lookout for the best web sources at the best web prices!

If you have a piece of equipment you can't live without, let us know so we can try it!


For perfect temperature control every time, place one of these on the top of your Dutch Oven (where the coals are), and cook. This thermometer will read correctly for the temperature inside the Dutch Oven. We have used one of these for years - they are part of "Our secret to Dutch Oven success".


The staple of our cooking lives. We have several 12 inch ovens, some deep and some shallow, several 10 inch ovens, two aluminum 12 inch ovens, two 14 inch ovens (one aluminum), two 5 inch ovens, a couple of 8 inch ovens, and some odd ball sizes and shapes. We also have some other assorted cast iron pieces. I have lost count. You can't go wrong with good cast iron!

This charcoal starter is the way to start charcoal. It helps the briquets light, stay lit, and heat up quickly. Increases air flow to the briquets, and makes charcoal fire building a breeze.

Hungry for stir fry? Pick up this wok from Amazon and cook with it directly in the fire.

Looking for recipes to cook in the wok? Donate $10 or more and recieve our ebook "Healthy, Quick Outdoor Dishes the Oriental Way" by email! This report covers making a wood fire to cook on, the equipment you need to cook in, and three great recipes to cook.

Watch for more equipment and sources to be added all the time. If you have a piece of equipment you can't live without, let us know!


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