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Campfire Biscuits
by Terressa Smith, with additions by Kathy Jacobs

Ever tried making busicuits over the fire at camp? Terressa offers this great idea for a stick cooking treat!


Biscuit dough (uncooked) or Cookie Dough (uncooked)

Fillings (see list at end)


Half inch Dowel about 2-4 feet long


Preparation Steps

  • Wrap end of dowel with foil.
  • Make a ball of dough about the size of a small fist.
  • Push dough on end of dowel. The dowel should not go clear through the dough, but should go through enough to hold the dough.
  • Put dough end of stick over fire.
  • Cook until biscuit is golden brown on the outside.
  • Pull biscuit off foil.
  • Fill hole in bicuit with one of the fillings listed below.
  • Repeat as desired.


Scrambled Eggs

Cool Whip (especially great with cookie dough)

Jam or Jelly

Peanut Butter

Apple Squish

Sandwich fillings

What is a liner pan and how do I use it?


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